Is it great that Swarm is so hot? Is the Ipfs outdated? The heat has dropped. It looks like the old Ipfs. When the newcomer swarm is coming, the small Yifeng in the currency circle today has a few dimensions. Let’s compare the pros and cons of the current two distributed storage projects.

   Before starting the comparison, we must first explain a point of view. The following comparisons are all personal views of Xiao Yifeng in the currency circle. If anything is wrong, please feel free to complain. If you have any amateurs, please correct me. After all, Xiao Yifeng is just a seller .


   When it comes to distributed storage, the first thing we think of must be IPFS. No matter how the later technology is updated and iterated, no matter how the latter technology is optimized, we cannot deny that IPFS is the originator of the distributed storage track. In doubt, then proceed to PK below.

  一: Token circulation.

   First, let’s look at the issuance. The IPFS token Filecoin has a total issuance of 2 billion, and it is a linear release rule, of which about 70% belong to miners. Swarm’s token Bzz has a total circulation of 62.5 million, but note that this is the first issue. Whether there is an unlimited number of additional issuances, these are still unknown. Judging from the current issuance volume, it can be seen that Filecoin has experienced big ups and downs, and the low level has been sorted to the current start to set sail again. It can be seen that Filecoin is destined to be more of Filecoin, whether it is a constant total issuance amount or a release rule. Imagine the space in the future, and as the mainnet is approaching, Swarm has reached a consensus that there is not much circulation in the early stage. It is very likely that the currency price will usher in a short-term peak after the mainnet is launched, but there will be too much for the future. Uncertainty.

   Two: Storage purpose.

   Regarding the storage usage of swarm and Ipfs, let’s put it briefly, without going deep, Swarm mainly allows the storage, bandwidth and computing power of the mining pool to support the application of the Ethereum project network. The main service object of swarm is the data on the Ethereum chain [hot data], while IPFS does the distributed storage of the data in the Internet [cold data]. In fact, they do not belong to the same track. The objects are different, so don’t be misled into saying that the technical uses of the two are the same.

  3: Main configuration requirements

  IPFS is mainly used for distributed storage, cold data storage, and relatively high requirements for hard disks and storage space, while Swarm mainly requires high CPU and bandwidth, especially the upstream speed and downstream speed of the bandwidth Both directly determine the number of tokens to be obtained in the future, and the difference in these two dimensions again indirectly indicates that the track between the two is different.

  4: Execution method

  What does the execution method mean? Take IPFS for example. The main execution of ipfs is through GAS bidding, and the advantages and disadvantages of gas bidding are also very obvious. In the past, the project was very popular, the currency price was high, and the package track was crowded. At this time, the gas is very high, which is very uneconomical. This is also the place where major miners complained more during that time, and the execution of swarm was enforced by smart contracts. This is the same as Ethereum. In other words, smart contracts are very similar to vending machines. All the rules and penalties are not only pre-defined in the smart contract, but also enforced by the smart contract.

   These four dimensions are the most intuitive. Of course, Xiaoyifeng in the currency circle has also heard some. For example, most of the nodes distributed by swarm are abroad, and most of the IPFS nodes are in China. It is difficult to verify the authenticity of this statement. . Of course, there is a big reason for this view, because it can be seen through the block explorer that most of the IPFS tops are in the past, and swarm requires a lot of IP to belong to foreign countries. The final impact of this kind of thing will have to pass time. Verification does not mean that more Chinese people participate in it is not good, nor does it mean that the more foreigners participate, the better.



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