Filecoin officially announced that it will fully upgrade the FIL mainnet in the middle of this month. After the release of FILv13, there will be a new upsurge. So what is the value of FIL v13?

  FIL mainnet has more than 2,300 active miners each week providing hundreds of petabytes per week, which is only a small part of the total capacity of the Filecoin network. Due to the limitation of Filecoin link capacity, in the case of huge service demand, the Filecoin link capacity will continue to grow after the main network is launched. Memory verification limits the new memory that miners can submit to Filecoin, and the existence of GAS increases the cost of all on-chain transactions.


  FileCoin application ecological empowerment, FIL’s global ecological value is immeasurable, IPFS is the most widely used application in the blockchain field, providing a wide range of application ecological development space for Filecoin. FIL is committed to building consensus, building a win-win situation, and sharing a global ecosystem service platform, and is committed to the FIL global industrial chain layout. The FIL world uses a diversified FIL ecological service content to lay out the FIL global ecosystem service platform, taps more ecological value of FIL, and benefits thousands of households.

  IPFS/Filecoin has the following three advantages:

  1. In theory, file fragments come from different storage nodes. This multiple links and the speed of executing Filecoin storage is much faster than centralized storage. The company’s innovative use of a mortgage mechanism has greatly ensured the stability of the miners’ online and network.

  2, prevent cheating. Because Filecoin’s “storage miner” actually adopted a new consensus mechanism, that is, “Proof of Time and Space”, that is, “Proof of Copy”. EC consensus has repeatedly promoted that they are storing the data allocated to them in smart contracts to prove that they have stored the data. Miners need to constantly copy the proof methods and rules to prove that they are working and prevent cheating.

  3. Prevent waste of electricity. At the same time, Filecoin has made greater innovations in how to package blocks. Take effective storage as an example as a kind of “computing power”. The larger the effective storage, the more likely it is to get packed blocks. Compared with the PoW mechanism based on the Hash algorithm, this mechanism has higher efficiency. It can support real-time reward settlement and transaction settlement of large-scale rules, reducing invalid data storage and power consumption.


  In the field of blockchain, a hundred flowers are blooming. The Filecoin distributed network is built on the basis of IPFS and has rich ecological application scenarios. Filecoin’s cloud storage service can meet the needs of a large number of users in the cloud storage field, and the market scale is huge. Filecoin’s panoramic ecological landing helps FIL enhance its ecological value. Filecoin’s goal is to build a distributed network, which is based on the Web3.0 civilization and features distributed, centralized, and fault-tolerant features to realize human digital life. The ecological application of Filecoin has realized the interconnection between distributed storage technology and the real world, and brought real changes to human social life. ——Xu-991513

  IPFS/Filecoin has a long way to go, and from the beginning to the present, IPFS/Filecoin is still in its infancy.

   Looking back on the past 30 years, the Internet has been turbulent, and the development of blockchain in the past 10 years is shocking. The rapid rise of Filecoin as a data storage infrastructure often makes the next round of leapfrogging a new myth. ——Xu-991513 In addition, the consensus of Filecoin will inevitably be strengthened with dispute after dispute.

   If Filecoin goes deeper, we will find that the blueprint for distributed storage covering the entire Internet is slowly unfolding, which will greatly increase the value of our network and society. Therefore, in the face of Filecoin, serious and rational judgment is more needed. We should keep our eyes on the wind and rain and leave everything to time. I believe that Filecoin will provide us with the most perfect answer.


   FileCoin application ecological empowerment, FIL world ecological value is immeasurable. Currently, the Filecoin track-Xu-991513 is fiercely competitive, and FIL world has become a leader in the Filecoin track. The FIL world has the application of all ecological scenes to realize more FIL’s ecological value. Build a bridge between the blockchain and the real world to bring wealth and change to human society.

   One day in the currency circle, ten years in the world! Bitcoin has created a miracle in the industry. It said that making a day a day is worth the income of others for a year. This phenomenon shocks everyone of us. The currency market is fluctuating. The first second is still rising, and the next second is falling again. It is difficult to grasp the currency price when speculating coins. You never know whether you are on the top of the mountain or under the mountain. Everyone may be cut off. Leek. At this time, people began to focus on the more stable mining industry. Coffee (Xu-991513)



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